Livestock containment: building drought resilience with Cam Nicholson

Season 2, Episode 2

Livestock containment: building drought resilience with Cam Nicholson

Join leading agribusiness advisor Cam Nicholson, a partner at Nicon Rural Services, in this SA Drought Hub podcast episode dedicated to helping livestock producers prepare for and withstand drought conditions.

With the Bureau of Meteorology warning of an increased likelihood of El Niño and below-average rainfall, Cam – who runs a beef and sheep farm himself – shares insights developed through many years of experience and his work with the hub-led “Drought resilience practices in mixed farming systems” project.

Through interviews with producers across southern Australia, Cam has identified the struggles many face in deciding whether to sell or keep stock during dry spells, and when to implement livestock containment.

In this episode, Cam outlines his structured decision-making process, encompassing key trigger points that enable producers to develop practical strategies that can be adapted to changing weather and animal health factors.

Read more about the hub project Containment feeding to boost business performance and resilience.


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