The SA Drought Hub: helping producers prepare for the next big dry

Season 2, Episode 3

The SA Drought Hub: helping producers prepare for the next big dry

The SA Drought Hub was launched in 2021 as one of one of eight Hubs established across Australia through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

Two years later, it is firmly established in the South Australian agricultural landscape, working with more than 70 partner organisations to strengthen the drought resilience and preparedness of the state’s farms and regional communities.

In this episode of the hub podcast, Director Dr Steve Lee (left in photo) and Knowledge Broker Tony Randall speak about how the hub fits into the SA ag scene.

With a dry season looming, tune in to hear how the hub is augmenting the excellent work of the grower groups, landscape boards, ag bureaus and others working to help producers boost their productivity, quality, income and wellbeing.


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Building drought resilience in South Australia – the SA Drought Hub podcast

SA Drought Hub podcasts explore some of the exciting innovations that are enhancing drought resilience in South Australia. Producers, agronomists and researchers offer their insights for operating in an increasingly water-limited climate.