Farm Planning and Decision Making

Farm Planning and Decision Making

The resources on this page are of relevance to SA farmers and regional communities. They assist in decision making and potential practice change to build drought preparedness and resilience. Further information on farm planning and decision making is available through the SA Drought Hub team, including the Knowledge Broker, Node Coordinators and Adoption Officers.

The Future Drought Fund’s Farm Business Resilience Program

The Future Drought Fund’s Farm Business Resilience Program aims to better prepare Australian farmers to manage risks relating to drought and improve their economic, environmental and social resilience.

In South Australia this program is jointly funded through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund and the Government of South Australia and delivered by PIRSA in partnership with the Wine Grape Council of South Australia, Livestock SA, AUSVEG SA and SA Dairyfarmers.

Information about the SA program can be accessed here

Information about the national program can be accessed here

The Future Drought Fund’s Drought Self Assessment Tool (DR.SAT)

The Future Drought Fund’s Drought Self Assessment Tool (DR.SAT) is free and enables users to:

  • Undertake satellite image and NDVI comparison of their properties between different dates
  • Obtain climatic projections and long-term trends for their property
  • Assess the farm business’s current resilience to drought in the areas of economic, social and environmental management
  • Set goals for building drought resilience.

The tool can be accessed at: www.drsat.com.au

Managing dry times and drought: planning for resilience and recovery

Dry times and drought pose a key risk to farm businesses. Farmers, pastoralists and land managers should develop a management plan to mitigate this risk. This fact sheet summarises why such plans are needed and what they should include.

Download the Managing dry times and drought fact sheet.

For more information on business and risk management for farmers, visit the Department of Primary Industries and Regions website.

Dry season fact sheets – SheepConnect SA

A series of fact sheets from SheepConnect SA including feed budgeting and livestock management options.


Preparing your farm for drought – Agriculture Victoria
Kondinin Drought Reports and the droughtinfo.com.au initiative

Comprehensive brochures on livestock, pastures, ground cover, water management etc, through drought from Kondinin Group (publishers of FarmingAhead.)

These reports are published through the droughtinfo.com.au initiative, funded through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

The initiative’s key aims are to:

  • Grow the self-reliance and performance (productivity, profitability and sustainability) of the agricultural sector
  • Improve the natural capital of agriculture for better environmental outcomes
  • Strengthen the wellbeing and social resilience of rural, regional and remote agricultural-dependent communities.

View and download the Kondinin Drought Reports

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